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Handwriting Is a Skill That Cannot Be Unlearned

This post by The Tutoring Center, Wyoming, focuses on handwriting benefits that can ensure children's proper development.

People use the keyboard of some electronic device for work and leisure almost every day in the current digital age. But, this isn't a good reason to forget about handwriting.

Like those of past generations, today's children must learn to write by hand, as it's a skill that provides countless benefits for child development. Read on and find out what those benefits are!

Handwriting Favors the Acquisition of Motor Skills

It's necessary to have a series of motor skills to write by hand correctly, such as the following:
  • Holding the pencil firmly.
  • Eye-hand coordination.
  • Control of straight and curved lines.
The acquisition of these skills favors the development of fine motor skills, that is, the ability to carry out small, coordinated, and precise movements without trouble.

Improve Focus and Memory

Another great benefit of handwriting is that it requires a high level of focus. When children pick up a piece of paper and a pencil to write, they are forced to pay close attention to the task, dodging misspellings.

When children and young people write manually, they show more brain activity than when they do so on a keyboard. This type of writing helps them retain and evoke information more easily.

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