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People are living a strange situation right now; children at home and parents working from home if possible. Read this post by The Tutoring Center, Wyoming and ensure a productive and memorable time during the quarantine. 

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Remain Calm 

Feelings of confinement can result when we are getting out of the house for nothing more than what is essential. This scenario can produce problems due to irritability, anxiety or stress, among other factors. The uncertainty and fear surrounding what’s happening around the world can have an impact on your health and your family. So, for the sake of a healthy, peaceful and harmonic family coexistence, try to remain calm, the next suggestions can help: 

Identify the Thoughts That Cause Discomfort 

Having those thoughts under control is essential to manage the emotions they provoke. Therefore, it’s important to use emotional intelligence to know what thoughts spark negative feelings so you can work to understand these and help other family members with what they might be going through. 

Make Sure You’re Getting Reliable Information and Keep Yourself Updated 

Under the actual circumstances, the amount of information circulating on the Internet on the subject of coronavirus is overwhelming. It’s important to only consult reliable sources. 

If You Can, Choose a Time during the Day to Turn off Your Phone 

You might be receiving many messages and calls from family, friends and strangers. Which has led some people to be constantly checking their phones, so it’s advised to disconnect at some point to have some quiet time to bond with family at home. 

Respect Schedules and Maintain Routines as Much as Possible 

For the whole family to remain organized during this time, you have to maintain the usual day-to-day schedules at home by following the same routines or adjust rutines to the new reality. Children are not attending school due to quarantine, but schools may be requiring online learning, build these into your schedule and routine. If they have homework, help them if necessary and encourage children to have a certain number of tasks to tackle each day. 

Keep Fear Under Control 

In circumstances like the current, fear has been normalized. It’s a form of protection against something people see as a threat. Don’t let this affect your loved ones through emotional management and communication; talk to your children about what they are feeling and help them open up if they feel afraid to do so. 

Listening is Pivotal 

The rush of everyday life prevents people from doing something fundamental: listening to their loved ones. Ask your partner, your sons and daughters what’s going on, ecourage them to express themselves and listen carefully to what they have to say. Being at home with the family is an opportunity to do more together: play, sing, dance, draw, cook, etc. The point is to enjoy this time with your loved ones and strengthen family bonds!

Work on Their Moral Values 

Despite the situation, quarantine can be the opportunity to make children aware of their resources and teach them to be thankful for what they have. Also, numerous examples of solidarity are taking place and can be an excellent way for children to understand the importance of values such as generosity, respect, and mutual aid. 

Protect the Elderly 

Grandparents have helped many parents by taking care of their grandchildren and it is time to protect them and realize the importance of taking care of their health. If you don’t live with grandparents or elders, let your children be part of the importance of checking on them through phone calls or Facetime to remain in touch without exposing them to the virus. 

Learn to Be More Flexible 

These quarantine days can help you be more flexible, with your partner or sons and daughters. Understand how others feel and allow each person to have their space. 

In short, the quarantine’s purpose is to protect people’s health. See this situation through a positive lens and promote a peaceful family coexistence that helps all members of the family to emerge stronger from this situation. 

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