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Handwriting Is a Skill That Cannot Be Unlearned

This post by The Tutoring Center, Wyoming, focuses on handwriting benefits that can ensure children's proper development.

People use the keyboard of some electronic device for work and leisure almost every day in the current digital...

Rotating between different teachers, different classes, and dealing with peers can cause moments of mild anxiety for most students. Most students can overcome these anxieties, and many enjoy the social aspects of school. However, for some students, the anxiety can become overwhelming to the...

Sleep is an absolute necessity for children. Of course, everyone needs sleep to function, but it plays an even more integral role for kids. For those children who suffer from sleep deprivation, the consequences can lead to lifelong health problems. Not only does the lack of...

As parents, we want our children to succeed in school because we know that academic success will open doors for them in the future. We are the first teachers our children have. When it comes to our children’s attitudes toward learning, we help set the stage. As kids develop in early...

Tutoring Center Grand Opening Celebration:

Come learn about The Tutoring Center in Wyoming.  Family fun for everyone.  Games, puzzles, arts and crafts, center tours, enter a raffle to win prizes and tuition scholarships.  Ribbon Cutting ceremony at 2pm.  Also includes light,...
There's no official rule book on how to study for a test, but there are some general guidelines that can help your children cope with it with their study habits. Keep reading this post by The Tutoring Center, Wyoming MI.

To go hand in hand with your...

People are living a strange situation right now; children at home and parents working from home if possible. Read this post by The Tutoring Center, Wyoming and ensure a productive and memorable time during the quarantine. 

When a child is struggling with learning, The Tutoring Center, Wyoming...

Reading is a beautiful activity that can help you learn, grow, and amuse you while you get lost in the pages. However, a lot of children rather spend their time watching TV than reading a book! If your child is one of them, but you’d like them to read once in a while, this post will help...

Research tells us that it is vital to read with and to our children from a very young age. Even time spent talking with our children helps to set the stage for intellectual growth and language development. Experts say that the amount of talk a child hears from birth through...


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