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"My daughter has not had much confidence when it comes to school, but from the moment she walked in she has been so excited to come! She took her assessment and started a couple days later! As soon as we arrive home she’s already asking me when she gets to go back! Thanks for making my daughter want to learn again!"
Ashley G - Parent of 1st Grader at Century Park Learning Center
"I'm pleasantly surprised how excited and positive my son is about going to The Tutoring Center. After each session, he smiles and indicates how great the session was. I feel this reaction is a testament to his increasing self confidence that The Tutoring Center has helped develop."
Allison H - Parent of Kentwood middle school student
"From the moment we walked in, my daughter felt very comfortable, as did we. Very welcoming atmosphere! My daughter is excited to return for every appointment. Everything is very organized and every time we leave, we don't have any questions because it’s all covered. Looking forward to great results!"
Shannon M - Parent of 1st Grader at Brown Elementary
"The center was able to get us in right away and was so easy to communicate with. Our son is loving the program so far and is excited to return each session. We look forward to seeing all his growth!"
Jenna K - Parent of Kindergartener in Byron Center
"Great staff they work with you on flexibility my son just started so I can't wait to see the outcome. Very understanding staff."
Sheila G - Parent of 5th grade student in Godwin Schools
"We love The Tutoring Center! Their programming is amazing and the general set up works well for children with ADHD. The staff is wonderful and my son enjoys his time there. I've already seen growth in his reading skills and we have only been attending for a few weeks!"
Tiffany R - Parent of 3rd grade student
"It really helps me focus and I get to do better in reading and math. The teachers are nice and I really like saving my dollars to get prizes."
Brendan R - 2nd grade student at Brown Elementary
"We saw positive results with one child so we enrolled our younger child as well."
Charles S - Parent of 1st and 3rd grade students at Brown Elementary
"I have so very happy with their service! I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a tutor."
Ana M - Parent of 1st grade student from New Branches Charter School
"They have great programs combined with wonderful people who love to help your child be a better student. I definitely recommend them for all of your tutoring needs from K-12th grade."
Nihar M - Parent and uncle of students
"My daughter has ADHD and dysgraphia. The Tutoring Center has been a perfect place for her to catch up on her writing skills. They are so supportive of her and make it fun. She enjoys her work which has helped her absorb more concepts. Now in writing class at school she is able to do more on her own and is not reliant on someone's help. I highly recommend The Tutoring Center to anyone who has a child that needs a little extra help."
Jennifer D - Parent of 6th grade Writing Student
"The Tutoring Center offers a great enrichment program. Our initial plan was to send our daughter during the summer to refresh her skills and build her confidence before returning to school. She enjoys her sessions so much that she will be continuing throughout the school year."
Laura M - Parent of 5th grader at Grandview Elementary
"When the schools closed our daughter struggled when they reopened. We signed her up at the Tutoring Center and we saw improvement in just the first couple months. We now have 2 daughters enrolled. They love going ‘shopping’ and always talk about how encouraging and nice the teachers are. I would 100% recommend the Tutoring Center for anyone looking to give their kids a little extra help."
Michelle G - Parent of K and 2nd grade students from Grandview Elementary
"My son was struggling with some learning gaps in math after COVID and virtual school. After just a few months at the Tutoring Center he has made so much progress! The reward system makes it fun and keeps him motivated. We are so glad we made the decision to send him to the Tutoring Center."
Amy M- Parent of 5th grader from Byron Center Christian Schools
"We were referred to the Tutoring Center of Wyoming by our oldest son's math teacher. We contacted the Center for enrichment over the summer for our 8 year old son, and signed up our 6 year old for extra learning so they could go there together. They LOVED the center and looked forward to their sessions. The individual attention, the dynamic nature of their program, and the incentives (king-sized Butterfingers, a harmonica, and plastic snakes, to name a few) are all some of the components that set The Tutoring Center apart. We are keeping our youngest at the Center during the school year because he enjoyed it so much, and our oldest accomplished what he set out to do with the Center's help. Highly recommend!"
Carrie H - Parent of 8 and 6 year old students from Brown Elementary
"I LOVE the Tutoring Center for my daughter! We have been attending since this location opened and are very grateful for all the help and dedication these folks put in! They are always super flexible with our busy schedule and accommodate time changes as much as possible. With such a crazy year of school and sports due to the pandemic, our schedule seem to change weekly. Thankful for Kristi and her team to work with our family schedule and get my daughter in when needed. I highly recommend this place for any child that is struggling to keep up at grade level; they will work with your child to where they need to be and beyond!"
Caroline J - Parent of 5th Grade Reading and Writing Student from Nichols Intermediate
“I was very impressed from my first call. They were able to get my daughter in for an assessment right away. The director sat down with me and took her time going over all the results as well as a plan. We’ve been attending now for a few months and my daughter loves the incentive plan there for completing her work. All around very pleased with our decision to join the Tutoring Center."
Tasha F - Parent of 2nd grade student from Byron Center Christian Schools
"The Tutoring Center has provided my child with the ability to feel confident in the subjects they were learning in school. Her confidence level has improved so much over the course of the year. She has now moved into the enrichment program and she does not want to stop attending tutoring. She has continued to gain so much knowledge from tutoring where they don’t want to stop attending. Thank you so much for making school easier for them."
Mindy J - Parent of Byron Center 6th Grade Student
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